How to Play Orbeez

Orange Orbee

Orbeez - How to Play the Game

You are experiment zero, and you look like this orb-shaped orange guy to the right. You are an Orb-Shaped Replicating Biological Entity (ORBE) with a unique ability. You can copy your DNA onto other ORBE's as long as they are directly in in front, behind, left, or right of you or any of your clones.

Unfortunately, as with any gift, this one comes at a price. The military is very interested in your abilities and has held you captive while they experiment with cloning your ability. Lucky for you though, they've only succeeded in creating 6 partial clones, all of which are unable to completely duplicate your functionality. The partial clones have been designated FAILED experiments 1 through 6 and look like the following:

Failed ORBE Experiments

To try and catch you, the military has flooded each of it's rooms with hundreds of failed experiments to block your path. To escape, you must work your way through each room by copying yourself onto the red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, and purple ORBE's in your way.

Stone Orbee

In some rooms, you may run into obstacles that prevent you from copying your DNA onto them (like the block on the right). Make sure your path out of each room correctly avoids these objects. In each room, you only have a specific number of copies you can perform before the military is alerted to your location. Make sure you keep an eye out and choose your replications careful so you can escape the military once and for all.

For more detailed information about how to play the game, you can check out our listing of Orbeez levels, screenshots of the game, or a video demonstration of Orbeez in action.

Orbeez - Game Play Layout

The following is a sample game play layout utilizing level 2 of the game (Pinstripe Life). We've labeled areas of interest with orange letters that are defined to the right.

A. Level Number and Level Name - Orbeez consists of 50 different levels, each with a unique name starting with level 1 and progressing to level 50. Initially, all levels are locked out except for the first level and you must finish each level to progress to the next.

B. Moves Used / Moves Remaining - Each level contains a fixed number of replications available before the military is alerted. Make sure you color the entire board orange before reaching the maximum allowed moves.

C. Starting Location - In each of the 50 rooms, you will always start solo appearing in a possibly different location each time. This will be your starting point in which all replications will fan out from.

D. Button Bar - This bar controls your replications. Click the appropriately colored ORBE to replicate yourself onto that color. Unavailable colors will be inactive.

E. Room - Each room in Orbeez will be a unique challenge to complete, but the goal is always the same. Convert the entire game board into the color Orange, and you will escape and move onto the next round.
Orbeez Gamefield Layout

Orbeez - Tips and Tricks for Completing Difficult Levels

As you progress through the game, it will become increasingly harder to find the correct solution for completing a given room within the correct number of moves. Here are a few tips and tricks compiled by us and players of the game that might help you get past a difficult room.

  • In general, the best strategy is to choose a move which allows you to cover the most new area in a single click. This does not mean always choosing the most prevalent color. Sometimes choosing a color which can help you extend from left to right or top to bottom is better than choosing one that only colors a single corner or cluster.
  • Attempt to eliminate an entire color as fast as possible. Each time you eliminate one set of colors completely, that is one less move you'll need to complete the room. Keep an eye on your moves remaining, if you only have 4 moves left and 5 colors on the screen, you should probably start the level over :)
  • Try to save one or two colors until the end. In some levels, a color can be completely skipped until one of your last few moves. Don't let a color distract you into clicking it if doing so offers no strategic advantage.
  • If all else fails and you simply can't get past a level, visit the in game settings and turn on the "Extra Moves" cheat to give yourself a brief advantage. Once you finish the level though, be sure to turn it back to zero!

If you have other tips and suggestions, drop as a line on Twitter and we'll be happy to include them in our list and hopefully help out others.