About Orbeez

About Orbeez

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

If you're interested in downloading Orbeez, you can directly access our Apple App Store listing by clicking here.

For the absolute latest info on all Orbeez development, including sequels, updates, and downloadable content, the best way to stay on top of things is to follow us on Twitter. If you're not a twitter user, please keep your eye on our app store listing and also this website for any changes and updates.

For more detailed information about orbeez, you can check out this site to find a listing of Orbeez levels, screenshots of the game, a guide for how to play, or a video demonstration of the game.

Orbeez was developed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by Fuzzy Future Technologies. For questions, comments, or suggestions, you can contact us at info@fuzzyfuture.com. If you're interested in some of our other projects, please visit us at: www.fuzzyfuture.com.