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Orbeez is an addicting puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Navigate through 50 levels to escape a military complex.
" Addicting. Very addicting. It made me miss my subway stop for work! "
Lisa Pinfold

Only You Can Free Our Friend!

You are experiment zero, an Orb-Shaped Replicating Biological Entity (ORBE) with the ability to copy yourself by replicating your DNA. You've been captured by the military and subjected to experiments that attempt to duplicate your power. So far, every one has failed resulting in experiments one through six:

Failed ORBE Experiments

To escape, you must carefully work your way through each room of the military complex by copying yourself onto the red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, and purple experiments in your way. In each room, you can only copy yourself so many times before the military is alerted to your location. Move from room to room in as few moves as possible to escape the military once and for all.

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